Twitter, in partnership with the SOAR Project, is offering Crisis Communication Management Training. The Training is designed for faith leaders, management of places of worship, youth involved with faith, and volunteers.

The training is delivered by Twitter, and aims to effectively respond to incidents against places of worship and communities. Furthermore, the training attempts to offer insight on communication good practice using the Twitter platform to reach out communities, law enforcement, regional officials, and other stakeholders.

We are seeing a growing threat against all faiths and institutions in Europe, this only strengthens the need and mission for community groups and faiths to come together and ensure sacred places of worship and faith communities are protected and safeguarded from any harm.

The Mission of the SOAR programme is to work to advance the protection and safeguarding of places of worship across Europe. We aim to do this by developing innovative communication approaches & training programmes and events that lead to the increase in awareness of, and capacity to respond to, physical security threats to places of worship.

Following the recent internal Twitter developments, the event is has been postponed. The event will be rescheduled for 2023. 

The registrations are still open. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing further information about the event.