The Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland) called on the administrations of Islamic institutions and mosques to appoint security and safety commissioners to increase their protection. This is in response to the notable rise in attacks on mosques and Islamic institutions in recent years.

The Council promises to train these commissioners to perform their tasks, in coordination with specialized institutions such as the EU-funded SOAR Project, which is working to strengthen the security and resilience of at-risk religious sites and communities across 7 EU countries.

The training will focus on introducing security commissioners of religious institutions to the varied aspects of security for places of worship, through which they can gain the required experience in this field while also getting acquainted with some of the institutions that address security and the multiple possibilities that are associated with it.

This call comes as a practical expression on the part of Islamic institutions in assuming their share of responsibility towards securing their places of worship, in the hope that the new government will allocate sufficient support to secure them in proportion to the current state of affairs, especially since its program provides for the responsibility of protecting Muslim communities.

It is worth noting that recent years have witnessed a significant development in the quality of negative attitudes towards Islam, Muslims, and their institutions, as attacks have become increasingly frequent and often take multiple forms- starting with hate speech on websites, passing through threats to officials, and then escalating with physical assaults on individuals and attack on institutions.

Original Source: Al Hadath Al Ifriki