Project Description

Faith Leader Personal Protective Training


Faith Leader Personal Protective Training


Faith Leader Personal Protective Training

Recent terror attacks on religious places across Europe has prompted a focus on the vulnerability of places of worship and need for focused support and training. Places of worship are, by design, locations that are open and welcoming to all. However, the nature of these sites automatically inserts an inherent security vulnerability for the religious leaders and their worshippers.

Faith Leaders play a vital role in the running of religious sites and the community, often seen as a symbol of the faith institution. Unfortunately, as we have witnessed a rise in attacks on religious sites across Europe, faith leaders have also been targeted, their safety and security are of paramount concern. This 1-day training program will cover matters of personal security, being safe when in a vulnerable position and institutional security.

Training Details

The faith leader training will be delivered in person and will focus on improving the capacity of faith leaders to identify security risks in their institution & community, respond to red flags & be able to respond to a security breach / attack, protecting themselves and wider congregations. This training will help places of worship have well-qualified & trained, informed, and confident faith leaders able to better support the wider security needs of the institution.

Religious sites need to ensure that the management, staff & volunteers are brought into the security planning and are aware of the steps in place to respond to an attack, focusing on the three elements: Prevention, Preparation & Response. The faith leader is the central symbol of the religious building & needs to be a key part of the wider management training, whilst having a bespoke training programme focusing on their roles and responsibilities.

Duration and Delivery

2 – 4 Hours training

Delivered by security experts

Target Audience

Faith Leaders:

  • Imams
  • Priests
  • Rabbis
  • Pujari
  • Guru
  • Abbot


  • A general awareness of security needs in the institution.
  • A general review of roles and responsibilities and how security can be embedded into their daily activities.
  • A detailed understanding of prevention, preparation and response.
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