10.1. Primary research
SOAR will undertake primary research to identify the factors that lead to threats of terrorist attacks on places of worship and on at-risk religious communities.

10.2 Identify and assess
Training needs for potential victims of hate crimes will be identified and assessed. It will include a focus on increasing safety awareness, and on collaboration and cooperation between places of worship leaders and security offices with their wider communities and public authorities, including law enforcement agencies. The insights of those with lived experiences of the threat of or of actual terrorist attacks and hate crimes will be engaged to enhance regional level policy-dialogue with regional, EU and global organisations. These include the European Commission, the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and EU member states, to further advance the protection of religious sites.

10.3 Develop a Security-By-Design [SBD] ethos
SBD is an integral component of the SOAR programme. It is a security ethos that incorporates security features into the design and fabric of the building. Experts in the fields of SBD, community safety and resilience-building will be providing support and training at a national, regional, and local level to faith institutions in the 7 pilot countries.

10.4 Delivery of training
Training will be delivered across the full spectrum of the project at EU, national and regional and local settings, in seven pilot EU member states.