What is the SOAR project?

SOAR stands for ‘Strengthening the security and resilience of at-risk religious sites and communities’. The SOAR project will contribute to advancing the

What is the SOAR project?2021-06-29T10:53:01+00:00

How is SOAR funded?

SOAR is funded and supported by the European Commission and will be delivered by Enhancing Faith Institutions (EFI), Finn Church Aid (FCA),

How is SOAR funded?2021-06-29T10:13:12+00:00

What is included in the delivery?

The knowledge deliverables will include training, guidance and resources, with the opportunity for virtual engagement and the evolution of virtual networks and

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What is the scope of SOAR?

The project partnerships will develop extensive networks and be inclusive of representatives from all majority and minority faiths practicing within the EU.

What is the scope of SOAR?2021-06-29T10:13:50+00:00

What is Project SOAR?

The SOAR project stands for ‘Strengthening the security and resilience Of At-Risk Religious sites and communities’ (SOAR).

What is Project SOAR?2021-06-29T10:14:04+00:00
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