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SOAR Project held an online EU level Network Dialogue event on 29 March 2022 for network members, technical experts, agreed stakeholders, e.g. EU Commission, national government representatives, and identified academic institution representatives.


This network dialogue meeting seeks to contribute to the development of bespoke standards in relation to places of worship. This activity shall include consideration by working groups of whether standards or best practice guidance is required specifically for ensuring security by design for religious sites, whether planning for new construction, renovations, or security upgrades of existing facilities. This activity may explore aspects such as:

  1.  The architecture, windows, structure, landscaping, perimeter, entrances/exits and all other physical elements.
  2.  Surveillance, the control room, access control, screening equipment, alarm, detection systems, information security, and security related technology.
  3.  Sensitive design principles for religious sites shall be explored to balance the need to provide a secure environment while creating the atmosphere of self-reflection that manifests from the form, space, scale, materiality, and light, in spiritual spaces.


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